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My lizard doggo gave me nuclear waste wen I was in the tier 4 and 5 That’s before nuclear power is accessible and it also gave me radiation poisoning

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That happens. They can give you nuclear waste even if you are just starting the game and haven't even built or unlocked anything yet. They are supposed to do that and it's by design and the game is coded to allow that to happen. It's not a bug. You don't have to take it out of their inventory, just kill them and the waste will go away when the corpse despawns.
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I firmly believe the intent about Lizard doggo was to give players useful or irrelevant items, not to kill players. Giving a random item from the available list was good approximation until radioactive items were added to the game but the approach now deserves to be reconsidered.

Just because something is not a bug doesn't mean it makes the game better.
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The lizard doggo have been offering radioactive waste to players a long long time ago, long before nuclear power ever existed in-game.
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Considering the rewards you can get from them, you could easily set up a lizard farm and never have to go hunting for slugs at all.  There has to be a chance for everything that has potential like that. Just like nuclear is extremely rewarding but risky and more difficult to deal with.

Edit:  Just got Nuclear waste while on tier2 LMAO  Had to kill Khal Doggo
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He has been my friend since the beginning so I just grabbed the waste and placed it at a location that I will never go lmao
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You didn't have to do that, just get a tractor and make the tractor take it to storage deep in a cave
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