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So it really annoys me to work with conveyor lifts for 0ne reason and one alone... the cost jumps from ex. 2 to 4, then you can go one more space up and it still says 4, then one more and it says 6 and so on. can we get it so that the cost is equal to the number of ticks? so it goes from 4-5-6-7-8-9-10 insted of 2-2-4-4-6-6-8-8-10-10
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you can also click to start the build and go up top and finish the build once the thing is level with whatever you want

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Resources are infinite in this game and once you automate it you have infinite resources. Just pull out a couple thousand pieces for whatever you need to build the thing, build it and toss / trash the excess pieces.
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Its not about lack of resources, but counting better. Was it bottom  12 or top 12, I needed for this to work?
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But why do you even care what it costs? The cost of parts for conveyor belts and lifts is completely irrelevant when we can make thousands of supply parts in an hour. Whatever it is just get it and spend it. I have almost 300 hours in my current play through / save and I swear I've never once looked at what any lift or conveyor costs. I just grab thousands of things and go build them and when out, go back and grab more. Even pulling out 1000 - 2000 pieces at a time my factory is able to replenish and completely refill the storage box to full again in the time it takes me to use it all and come back home.
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Again, you are missing the point. If I need things to line up, just remembering thats its 24 high, wont help, as there is 2 ticks on 24. Remembering 25 instead of upper 24, is so much easier.

Not to mention the time saved, having to run up and down, to check if its correct. That little sound, is not always easy to hear.
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You're using the cost of the parts to figure out how high it needs to be to align it? O.o that's such a weird way to do anything. Just count how many "ticks" up it goes visually. It's already super easy.
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It's not always super easy. When endpoints are far above or below you, or at odd angles, or if you are using a higher FOV setting, it is not always obvious whether or not something is lined up correctly, or an equal height (or length for that matter) as something else. Using cost as a proxy for an accurate distance measurement would solve the problem, but only if cost increments smoothly with distance.
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