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After building the Hub, can we make the bunk beds in there act as a light healing station so you "rest" and replenish your health for early on stages of the game. Make it X amount of time to heal to full. This is so you can heal without slamming berries into your mouth and having to hunt down more due to low respawn timers on food.
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@Comangetit: You can heal eating berries, nuts or mushrooms at any time, unlocking inhalers is not all that important milestone since you spend healing items worth 55% health to make one. I thought the point of the suggestion was to relieve the player from having to collect items that are plentiful but essentially limited and for that, substantial cooldown is in my opinion appropriate.
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@Kasuha - The point of the post was use the available bunk bed already in the Hub as a light healing station - Putting a 2 hr cool down on it defeats the use in early stages. If you have unlocked Tier 3 it really isn't worth using anymore. Which is done in under the time your suggesting. This was meant as a starter game or beginning a new game option. Also this is not for a full heal but a partial so new players have a better experience than worrying about the 3 bars of health and their out of consumables because they got lost and died with their belongings still in the wild.
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+1, another solution for new players can be starting the game with 1 (or more) inhaler in the inventory.
That can help to avoid dying before HUB completion.
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This sounds too incredibly overpowered and would remove a significant challenge from the game if you could just go home and heal when you're low. I personally like having to hunt for berries. It's super easy to do. I have now restarted several times in this game and I have not ever had any situation where it's difficult to find berries anywhere to heal up again.
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ive posted on a lot of votes but this one is a double edged blade. logicly humans being that advanced to drop pod on a planet and set up a base should/ would include at least a med kit in the starting drop pod?
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