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I have built my second base in the North-East desert. I know that the oil nodes were removed, so that is fine. But there are several Iron, Copper and Coal nodes that get hits when using the Scanner but when you go to the location, there is nothing there. It is not underground since the distance is 0 meter. This needs to be fixed so i know if the nodes should be there or not.
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Yeah, that area is still WIP. You should be able to tap all the mining spots (some might be flying), but I dont recommend building a factory at ground floor. Go 5-10 walls up, to give your self space for any terrain changes.
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Yeah i'm high up, no worries. I am higher than 10 walls though, since i need plenty of airspace to do my favourite thing: jumping the dunes at high speed in my Explorer!

I realized that i had just searched for the nodes by looking at the ground, not trying to put down a miner anyway. I just tried it, and it works fine to put down miners even though the HUD doesn't say there is anything there. :)
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