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I think that you should be able to get the map in a lower tier because its a pain not knowing where you have and havent been when exploring for power slugs
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I think the map should become available once you get the explorer vehicle. No reason it should unlock after you get radio towers unless they made a requirement to build 3 towers before it would even show the map.
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@dorkchops, thats how it works right now...
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I remember getting impatient about not having the map as well. Providing it at tier3 instead of tier4 would be a good idea.  Your exploration radius starts getting farther and more complicated around that time.
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Send the space elevator load, for tier 3 and 4. Make 100 frames, 100 rotors, 15 beacons and 10 motors. Find some Quartz, stuff  it in MAM, wait for it to finish and you have everything for the map.
I fail to see how making it tier 3, will change things, beyond skipping the need for motors...
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I also found it quite frustrating to search for quartz without a map. In fact I drove around so much that once I got the map, I already knew where I was going. The same deal with the beacons, I had already explored so much by foot/vehicle that it made the beacon not so useful.

In my opinion, the game mechanics should be as follows. You start of with a "low resolution" map (or at least a partial map). This map should contain rough locations of some of the key deposits. After all, you came in a space ship. No one in their right mind would land on a planet without some aerial imaging. At this point there is no other marker on the map. So navigation would be by compass and land marks. Then in tier whatever,  GPS and scanning is unlocked. In addition to the radar tower, the "high resolution" map should not be revealed unless you have some appropriate mapping equipment on you or your vehicle.
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