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IT would be reallyd nice to be able to upgrade buildings and conveyors etc by building the new tier ones on top, instead of  having to dismantle the old ones like you do today. This would make upgrading alot faster.
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An interesting suggestion but that can be taxative in materials and ill upgrades even stuff doesn't need to be.

Can be nice at least to upgrades all connected conveyors, for example:

Before the cho-cho I got long conveyors from my refineries in the desert to my factories in the Northen Forest. Upgrading them was a pain. Can be nice to upgrade all the pipeline in one go.

What we really need are bulky-in-area (or better, in 3D) actions.
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Well they can do IT in factorio, so it should be possible in satisfactory as well...
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I'll remind you that Satisfactory is -NOT- Factorio. People need to stop comparing this game to that one. Other than being factory simulators they have nothing else in common. Different development team and everything.
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Highlighting things from a simular game is not the same as comparing! I know its not the same game! The feature i request would just make sense in the way i Play the game

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You can already upgrade conveyors, by selecting the new type and clicking on the belts.

As for buildings, that might not work, as it would require the model to be the same size and have the inputs/outputs in same spot.
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