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I want a "smart" splitter where you can set items with a fixed ratio to each output. It can be a percent option or you can set the amount of items per minute individually.

And no i dont want to build balancers cuz it is too chunky and doesnt work perfect. It is a mess.

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Yup, I would love to have this and also the following:

 - Primary Split ratio function - like 80/20 or 50,20/30
 - A secondary function where if 80/20 split the 80 port is full then; divert all to the 20 port. or the 50/20/30 split the 50 is full then divert all to the 30 port or divert equally to both ports.
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Basically a way to balance an overflow feed or to prioritize working lines pulling from the same source

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Why you need that stupid ratio !?

You have unlimited resources, once your factory have produced the required items it will stop producing it.

Also adding ratio device will create backlog on the other side ! It is better to have overflow than under.

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There wont be a underflow cuz you can calculate everything with the right amount of split to each side.

Currently the overflow just makes everything look like a mess. You will either have a overflow of items or underflow which isnt great in my opinion.

For example If output "A" is getting overflowed it will stock up until its full and then feed the other outputs "B" and "C" which need it more than "A" but it will be a irregular overflow to "B" and "C" cuz "A" output will process and take a bit of overflowed amount again.

Why is going to create a backlog if you set every side with the right amount of flow?
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I Need this for my huge Coal power plant !!
200 Generators. If something goes wrong, they are sometimes empty and they Need a lot of Time to be refilled. Because the first ones will be filled up to 100 Meanwhile the last Ones don't get Coal and the limit is the Belt here.  Which such splitters i can Control the Distribution, so that my Coal generstors get refilled  at the same time. So i can power up my Coal plant within minutes and i don't have to wait 15 minutes an more.
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