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I love this game so far but I have two ideas that would be very helpful for people like me who like to plan stuff out and make things nice and organized.

It would be really cool if there was a sandbox mode similar to minecraft's creative mode where you could generate a flat, blank plane to test factory ideas on and such. For the ores you could add an additional tab in the "q" menu that would allow you to place resource nodes and such. Then you could test out the efficiency of factory ideas without using your in-game resources on that world just to create an idea that wont work when it is implemented. I know it would certainly be a challenge but it would be a very useful feature.

Also some edits to the object placing system would be appreciated. I have had a lot of trouble lining things up correctly and it seem that the system often doesnt behave as expected based on experience. Something that would be useful is taking the way that conveyor posts are placed and adding some things. Conveyor posts (when placed by themselves) require two clicks to place unlike everything else I have found (except for two-point-placement builds like conveyors), one that defines the position and one to confirm the build process. It is useful to be able to see where it will be, but it would be even more useful if we were able to adjust it from there. Say you could use the arrow keys or some other UI to move it on a grid from there and place it exactly where you want it. Insted of fiddling around with where you point your mouse (which has to be very exact at close or far distances) you could use one click as an initial placement, then move it with the arrow keys, then click again for the final placement. I think it would be a very useful feature.

Idk, I think these ideas would be cool to at least test out and see how they work. If you have any reason why these would be bad or any more ways to improve them comment below.

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This feature will probably be in later builds, the devs are definitely still in the process of building key game play features.

I am personally looking forward to this feature myself. but in the mean time i suggest going to ficsit.app

This is a non official mod site. There is an add on mod called KRONOS which has a GUI setting changer that essentially works as a faux creative mode.

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That does have some of the stuff I mentioned, cool! Thanks.
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