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I'm guessing this has been asked a million times before but I am not seeing that.

Seems hard to find previously answered questions here.

I have done a couple searches and am still confused by the basics of how multiplayer works, especially local multiplayer.

I want to play the game with my child. We are on the same network.

I assume I need to purchase two copies of the game.

Do I need to have two separate epic game store accounts? Each w a copy of the game?

Or can this be accomplished with a single epic games store account?

Also, I know dedicated servers are planned or possible for future, but how is the current state of multiplayer? Does it mostly work or mostly not work?

Does it take a very powerful machine for hosting to make it work for now?


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Yes, you need 2 Epic accounts each with own game copy.
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thanks so much for your answer!
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And yes, the machine hosting the game needs to be at or better than the recommended specs, since it will be pulling double duty. You will also need to maintain a connection to Epic games for MP
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thanks! I trust you mean minimal specs, and not recommended specs, as it looks like only the minimal specs are currently listed at the epic store page.
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My Dad and I do a local game together, so far we have come across a few issues, mostly sync times (Long delays for opening an inventory, missing placeables, vehicles stuttering and other things) But in total the multiplayer aspect of the game is working, though you may have a small connection delay depending on network speed and how late game you are. For example our network of 25mb/s and the ~200 hours means I have to attempt to join twice.
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Thank you so much for your response! So good to hear of someone else who is at least mostly successfully accomplishing local multiplayer!  I am still very confused about how to both get in and am seeing a serious lack of basic documentation for how to do it!
Can you or anyone else point me to any basic documentation that tells me how to do this?
Do I really need to mess with port forwarding &/or HAMACHI in order to do simply local coop?  

My current situation is I have two computers on my local network (Ethernet to router, router to internet) both computer are running separate copies of the game in their own epic games store accounts.

I have randomly messed around with the options of invite, accept, turned off send data, I dont see any other users on either computer when I go into invite or accept.  What do I need to do so we can see each other !?

PS I know this is so called early access, but I think devs should at least put out some basic documentation to accomplish the primary features of the game, such as multiplayer!

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As long as you're on the same network you don't need to port forward or hamachi at all.
You do however need to make sure that both of the epic game accounts are friends with each other otherwise nothing will appear in the join game (Can do this by either the account email or display name).
(Example of what you need to go through https://imgur.com/a/Z1TF0DH )
you also "should" launch the same version either both experimental or both stable, you can join even if the other person is on a different build, but it causes a messy situation that takes time to fix.
I don't think there is a lot of documentation since it's constantly changing, and what is in date one day might be completely outdated the next.
Happy to help with any multiplayer concerns, after 200 hours I know a lot about it.
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Thank you!

That was the exact info I needed to put it together!
Many thanks, my child will be sooo toooo excited when he sees this! He is 5 btw and we both LOVE this game !
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