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This is a request for an Enclosed, Non-Animated High Speed Conveyor/Lift.

Animation for the belts is all well and good for MK1 to MK3 but having really fast animation for MK4+ is kinda non-sensical, and would save up on graphics resource if they are enclosed or have enclosed versions.

I would personally like to have all belts & lifts with non-animated options, even if they cost a little bit more resources to build.

Added perk will be that belt buses will look better.

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The issue is not graphical, but compute. Meaning, as long as the belts move X amount of resources, it dont matter where you are, the CPU still needs to calcualte it.
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Well, the CPU computational side is the actual resource being moved as in resource per minute from one end of the conveyor to the another, and I am assuming that it's per line not per section that's being calculated.

Ever wonder why the limit of 48 units per stretch of conveyor belts? it's not for the resource per minute calculation it's for the LOD draw calls.

My suggestion does not change that aspect as I am more concerned about the animation side of the process in the graphics card by removing the animation only the CPU side will be processed.

Although this is a minuscule issue to someone who has a $1000 video graphics card those that run the minimum requirements will have at best <20 fps.

but think about the future track of this game. the visual aspects will change and with each change, an increasing load on a players graphics card will be elevated bit by bit. I would love to see more people play and without having a high buy into just play?

Yes, I am very much aware of the improvement patches they have made but this suggestion is more into opening up possibilities of furthering that optimization. Why? because this is Satisfactory a very visual-based game that entices you to look at your builds materials moving in and out of machines. Hence Heavy Graphics Card Load between texture writes and mesh draws has little to do with the CPU.

The DEVS will have a split audience of those that have the hardware to run all the visual candy and those that barely have the ability to have 15FPS of gameplay even after the optimization because of a sub-par video graphics card.

My hope is to have MK1 the only conveyor to have no enclosure, MK2 and up would have a nonanimated/enclosed version for those running all minimum graphics settings.

Thank you
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Isn't this just a pipe?
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