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Wanted to ask for future builds is a Factory Management System.

This will control manufacturing sections via a ploppable - Remote Controll Module [RCM] that has a power in and power out connection nodes. this will:

  • Have a Control Terminal in the HUB for controlling all RCM "factories"
  • Control the power going through RCM [simple Remote On/Off]
  • all connected machines will be registered to a single master RCM
  • Machine Production details bulk changes can be made via RCM Terminal
  • Smart Storage [pass though] - Min/Max or count based triggers for automation.
  • RCM Electrical Power Limiter - Limit the Max Power Consumption
  • RCM Overclock by Power Shards
  • RCM sync with smart splitter/sorter to enable production line changes or recipe changes.


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Please use the search function and up-vote an earlier suggestion.
This has been requested innumerable times in the past.
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foi pedido mas ninguem fala sobre isso, então a galera coloca de novo. Criadores por favor respondem.

was asked but nobody talks about it, so the guys put it again. Creators please respond.
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