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I have been playing the hell out of this game for a few weeks now and I love the design and creation of it well thought out with output ratio's and planning potential.  I do have some suggestions for some player improvements just from slight annoyances I have found during game play.

-Building UI

-1  Rewriting an existing conveyor belt with a different leveled one is an amazing feature, it would be awesome to have the same function for power poles and miners.

-2  The hot keys for building are great but limited to 10 can slow you down, adding a scroll feature to select different levels of the same structure could simplify that.  example selecting with the hot key a ramp and being able to scroll the different heights  or different mark levels of belts and power poles.

-3 A personal inventory vs construction inventory or a way to flag items to keep things like hazmat suit or jetpack separate from ore and building materials when using the store all button.  Shifting things around when you are rebuilding or making a new outpost can be a pain.


-1 I saw it was suggested before but it would be nice if it used fuel or biofuel.

-2 Can it have an alternate fire mechanism that just destroys the surrounding vegetation instead of adding it to the inventory.  When your inventory is full it doesnt actually cut anything down.

-Equipment Slots

-1  Is it possible to add a head and feet slot seperate from the body.  I'm not sure why the gas mask, jet pack and blade runners are mutually exclusive to each other but the hazmat suit makes sense.  Its mainly the poison zones when you have to pick between the jetpack and gasmask during exploration and outpost construction.

       These may all sound like complaints but i think the game is fantastic,concept and execution of it is amazing.  Keep up the good work.
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I like most of these ideas, I just want to say that I think the scroll through tiers would cause more of a hassle than it solves since to rotate things you use the scroll wheel. I get that you could have it so you hold down another key to scroll but then that might confuse people.

Also btw if you don't want the resources, use explosives for vegetation clearing instead of the chainsaw
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All of these items have been suggested in the past.
You'd do better to search and up-vote older suggestions.
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