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Hello, i will tell you some helpfull suggetions and Bugs:

1. in the night when i drive a vehicle, i can´t switch the light on. i have to get out from the vehicle and set it on to get the light in the drive position in the car when im driving.

= please set the V button for light "on" when the charakter sit in the vehicle at driving

next step: when i drive in vehicle and the light is still on. if they will follow with the "mouse" camera like the same as the charakter, this is awsome! but only in the left and right direktion! not up and down! and in this fix position is the light in the car to high!

= please fix the light in vertical axis in the vehicles, to follow it with the mouse, like the same are the charakter will do it outside the vehicle

crying 2 Bug reports!!

1. the big Truck... the truck have weird conditions.

when i drive the truck ( a big hughe vehicle, you might is a heavy vehicle) but u can´t drive over the midlle bushes, like with the other cars. and every small tree or stone let it flipp over!

2. and the truck feels in the physic like an helium ballon so light. i can push the truck with my charakter and he fleet up. the same when spiders attack the truck. the spiders flipp the truck like an helium ballon!?

yes the rest of cars and drive physic are really nice and good, dont change other things on it.

bug report 2

on some places i have trees or nut-trees and stone´s in the air on 4 foot higher than the basement/floor, only when load the hole game on a another day. when i get in at the same day if they still there like i leave it.

= maybe the server will make problems, please check this.

enlightened suggetion 2

if it is possible to create angle ramps?

u can only set it on flat, an the players annoys about when the corners of a building are open

= please create in angle and out angle ramps in the 3 sizes


if it is possible to create an 3 axis in the building menu on the concrete plattforms, many player will set parts in lockraster but diagonal.

when i will set all things that i can build on the grass floor i can move it in all axis. i can do it on concrete only on 2 axis in 90 degree.

= please set an 45 degree on concrete for all the buildings (or at least for the converebelt pins, walls and concrete plattforms only.)

the walls can not be moved in the posiotion. please set the ctrl button for positioning in the vertical axis. to build round buildings easier.

thank you laugh

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Corner ramps and more coming soon witch might be in Dezember update : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZrCT0XG0Lw
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