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I recently built the Nuclear power plant. I have a huge storage system which is 2min walk away from my base. There's about 1000 nuclear waste in the Storage by now. The radioactivity raised a lot and I'm concerned that it's going to raise more (distance). Is there a caption how far the radioactivity goes or is it growing by how many nuclear waste I got in the storage?

Is it possible that after a while my base is getting radiated as well?
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Here's all the info and the math :


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If you're interested, I dont need to worry about radiation. Because of the e function, it is really strong next to it, but not really strong when you're like 200m away. If you have nuclear waste stored, approx. 750m away there's no radiation.
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You should probably set up your nuclear facility completely all the way on the other side of the map, and run the storage very very high up in the air (you can go up to 3km up if you were so inclined) and then probably not worry about this. Nuclear should definitely -NOT- be within 5~10 KM of home base where ever your base is.
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Hi thanks for the fast answer,
Is there any math behind the radiation level ?
Will it stop at some point or is it going to extend to infinity?
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