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One big thing with a large train network is a turnaround before and after stations.. I think a turn key solution would be a 90 degree angled pre-made track. It always snaps exactly 90. Then you could take 4 and make a perfect circle. 45 degrees would be cool too, but in 90% of my cases a 90 would be perfect as it usually takes me 5-10 min to do it manually and it's very frustrating.

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Go 3 foundations forward and then 3 left or right, and you get nice 90degrees
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Yes I've done them manually, but it's very time consuming. I have to put down a bunch of short pieces to line it up usually. I just know it would be easy enough to implement as a hard corner.
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They are not that time consuming. Takes maybe a minute, if you include the foundation work.
Hard corners is not that much faster, as the only step you save,  is the "line up the 2nd side of the 90".
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A minute? Not that time consuming? Placing a fixed piece down takes less than a second. If you think a full minute vs 1 second is not a big difference, then you have a very skewed perception of time...
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