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I would really like the ability to have upside down ramps, for placement under ramps to make things look a little neater. Also I would really love to see a small window wall, like the wall with conveyer, but have glass or just a neat ledge instead of a conveyer hookup. And have large window walls, with the entire wall being a window except for a border. And maybe if you connect two large windows together, the border goes away to make it seem like a giant window? Also, have support pillars, purely for cosmetic purposes. But, small pillars one wall tall. Also, please add work lights to see in and around your base at night.

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For now, mods is the answer: https://ficsit.app/

The more people that use them, the bigger the chance we get what we want, as more modders gets interested.
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Yeah I just found the mods a couple days ago and it adds several awesome features.  The new automatic doors seem to be bugged though lol they stay opened and then close when i get near them.  I guess that is just the techs up in orbit being bored and messing with me...
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Mods sound like a terrible idea in this game. They are releasing frequent updates every couple weeks. Every time there's an update, the mods are broken and you can't play your save until the mods are updated.. if the mod developer decides to even update the mod at all. They may give up on it and never update their mod and then you're stuck and have to start all over from nothing. Or an older pre-mod save.
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The majority of mods, dont effect things in the base game, meaning updates dont effect them. Heck, you can remove most of them, without effecting the save much.

In fact, the only mods I know about that has been broken,  over the last few months, is the once that effect base game (remove monsters, change belt speed and so on). And I think all of them have been fixed (depending on IRL of the mod dev).
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