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I'm working on a large project that involves building and painting 200,000 walls. Currently, I'm spending most of my time just slowly walking sideways along with a walkway shooting paint onto the walls, and it's not only boring but incredibly tedious. Since the large project I'm working on uses a plethora of unique colours, and I have over 1000 machines in my world, I cannot just build all the walls and then change the default colour. Then there is to address the issue of "cheating" the colour cartridge usage, which could be just solved by using up one "shot" every time a wall is placed. 


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If you change the default colours in the colour selector it'll change everything built and everything you build from then on those colours. It's the very first one in the selector. When you build some items they won't initially change colour, but on reloading the game they'll change, and some items will even update their colour if you press F, aim at the object as if you are about to dismantle it, then pressing escape or otherwise aborting the dismantle process. This doesn't affect vehicles, and conveyors will appear yellow once allowed to despawn and respawn after leaving the area/game.
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That only works if you want all of your walls in the world to be the same, although changed color. Not when you're making a huge picture out of colored walls like what I believe this project was.
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