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Why not put that nuclear waste to good use? Introducing Nuclear waste powershards. Obviously there is not a good solution to excess nuclear waste. Taking nuclear waste and converting them into power shards would be an amazing/ simple solution to use. Power shards produced using this method would be more expensive than just making them from power slugs. It may be more expensive but It decreases radiation.  


1 Power Shard= 200 nuclear waste +  5 heavy modular frames + 200 concrete + 50 steel iron plates

(just an example)

This way we keep radiation down around our nuclear plants and we can get powershards in return. This might not be the end all be all solution but it would

1.) Increase the incentive to go nuclear

2.) free up oil for more rubber or plastic

3.) keep radiation down

4.) Increase the amount of overclocked machines  (increasing  production)

Let me know what you think in the comments.
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Yeah I noticed.
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I hardly use shards at all, and then only in miners and oil pumps. Everything else I can just build more of. In fact, I often double build and clock down to 50% to save power.
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Yet another thread to try and come up with "Something to consume nuclear waste" because you can't cope with figuring out how to store it all. *sigh*
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To "store it all" goes against the Ficsit guidelines - that's oh-so inefficient...  ;-)

I haven't gone down the path of nuclear power because I don't want to simply "store it all"...
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You can create infinite storage containers and we effectively have creative mode. There's nothing to figure out. Just store it and go on with life and enjoy super efficient massive power.
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