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It would be nice to have containers from which two or three belts could deposit goods. Same with insertion.
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Yeah, would be nice. Like a giant merger with internal storage. But a single merger to storage works fine.
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I mean it would be nice to deposit goods from container with top speed from two or three belts. Could be high tier container.
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Yes I've been talking about it since Friday. I have wires coming from 2 factories to one container, and the wires are just queueing up on the belt.
Its simply faster to make container per production which defeats the purpose of the game being about automation and improving effectiveness of your factory.
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And let's not forget about configurable inputs/outputs for these containers. Especially to be able to feed certain belts with certain items. Suggested interface - could be similar to constructors. Just pick an item and it will be fed from certain "window" in a container. Could also add "feed an item untill </=/> quantity remains".
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When you only regist here to like this - i dont see the benefit of mk2 storage.
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