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Instead of just up/down voting please also provide your 2 cents on what does or doesnt work please...

I Is it reasonable to ask that the machine hitboxes be modified so that smaller constructs can still built across portions of the hitbox that are actually empty?

The famous example for me that bugs me the most is the miner.  It has a massive area around it where you cannot build around the upper half, even though the size of the machinery there is much smaller.

Another example would be placing walkways that can connect the platforms on top of constructors.

Another interesting idea for future iterations of some machines will be a sturdy modular design that can stacked the way storage containers can.  This would make it easier to add the frame needed for attaching smaller constructs to it such as belts and walkways.

Just some ideas.  Your 2 cents?
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We'll I'm experiencing the same issue, unless you run a mega factory where you have enough room to build several production chains next to one another.

In my case, I built a wall right next to the miner, to keep it outside of the building, but even power poles or elevators close by don't like those hitboxes. Even if you have plain visual sight that nothing is touching, you get the "not enough clearance" message.

In given situations, were you are bound to building structures tightly next to one another, this would definitely help out.
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