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In real life, you would have a building attached to the eletrical grid, and then each machine/electronic inside the building is connected to the building's own grid. Even in temporary camps/worksites, you still have something similar.

So I was thinking, why not add in the possibility to attach a single cable to a building (maybe attach it to foundation, and then everything connected to that foundation is considered powered), and instead of having to pull cables to each machine inside buildings, all the machines could be connected simply by being inside the building, and the energy consuption could increase the same as it would if all those machines would be attached to the network via the standard cable.

This would be an extra incentive to make factories, instead of just leaving everything half-hazardly thrown around. One of the reasons I spent 0 time on making my buildings look nice is because I know that I'll have cable going trough walls and random high tension pilons everywhere to ruin the image.

On a separate, minor note, it would be nice if most production machines would automatically snap to foundations in a way that it would be possible to put down three foundations, and then one machine on top of each without having to carefully align everything to avoid wasting space, time and resources. But this is rather minor.

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Powered walls are going to be released in Tier8 


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Never mind didn't see the answer below me ^^
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