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Ahh my beautiful base. My nice train making its beautiful sound. RING RING. Wait, what was that noise? Oh well. Look at my beautiful coal power plants and fuel power plants. RING RING. What the hell is that?

What is the Ring Ring, I hear you ask? The damn geo thermal plants. Every 5 seconds they ring and it is so annoying. Please change this by upvoting and maybe satisfactory will listen.
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Speak for yourself! The thud-thud-thud-thud of the geothermal plant is one of my most favorite sounds in this game.

But, then again, I'm also a fan of the chainsaw's sound effects. :V

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Whether I change the sound or not, animation is still going to pump and release with the same rate of occurrence.
Although - the attenuation, as suggested isn't that long so if you can hear it throughout your whole base, that is a bug to be sure.
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Don't build your base so close to geothermal plants? None of the starting areas are anywhere close to them. You can run infinite power grids across the map, just build somewhere else.
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technically if you start in the jungle, then you are almost directly on top of a geothermal plant. But the resource nodes for building a plant are a short run away in either direction.
I have heard the sound of the geothermal power plant but I only remember hearing the rush of steam and dont recall any ring ring sound
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It's a kind of metallic drum sound when you get really close.  At worst it should only be audible in a tiny part of a base unless you built the hub right against the generator.
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Think the best answer is to split the sounds a bit more, so people can adjust such things in the menu. That  way you hear what you want to hear.
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