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For perfect load balance it would be great if we could tell a splitter or merger how many items/m it should give on it's output pr minute. If you want to make it more expensive to do this kind of operation, make a new model that is the same size as the splitter/merger and make it complicated to make...

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That is not the same though? That is how many % you want on each output? I am talking about that if you have a fully stacked 780i/m belt and put one of this brakes on it, you can say you only want 250 i/m out of it, so everything before this brake overflows...
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Yes, an interesting variation, you should bring that up in the linked page, so all the ideas are gathered and the discussion takes place in the same location. So people (and devs ofc) doesn't have to spend hours just to re-order the spreaded messy concepts having the same root. Thank you.
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