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I noticed that an automated truck we have running between a Quartz deposit and our main base runs empty on the way back to the home base, where it would normally get refuelled with coal.

When I was originally mapping out the autopilot, I could easily make the trip with a full stack (100) of coal. But whenever I leave the truck (the Unit) on its own, it runs dry about 20 meters before it can make the truck station at our main base.

However, when I manually fuel it up with a bit of coal so it can make the station, the truck station tops off the coal just fine. Then, when I follow the truck while it's on auto pilot, it reaches the quartz truck station fine, and on the trip back it has more than enough coal when it reaches the main base!

My theory: When the truck is out of the viewing/render range of a player, it bugs out causing it to use more fuel (coal, in my instance). This causes the truck to stop short of our main base, and us not getting any quartz.

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Interesting fact. I didn't last long with coal to run in such issue, and didn't notice anything like that when using oil, or anything else really. Maybe it is just related to coal consumption? I know for sure that the AI "drives" differently then the player, I mean, it tries to stick to the recorded path and to emulate when you speed up or brake but it is not 100% accurate, maybe cumulating "errors" in driving performance leads to a sensitive higher usage of fuel in the long run.
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I agree on your point that the AI drives differently. It drives from waypoint to waypoint. That is not the problem however. As I said in my original question, I followed the truck when it was driving on autopilot. It was driving fine, and made it back with coal to spare. The issue only exists when I'm letting it drive unattended. Thanks for the comment!
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I think its the teleporting, that makes it use a % of  fuel instead of a constant burn. Hence why it might use more when left to its own devices.
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That might make sense, as it does seem to teleport when I look at it on the map. Do you know if it does actually teleport, or is that a guess?
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If you watch it from far enough away you will see it teleporting.
I think ImKibitz has shown this on one of his YouTube videos.
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Then I think the teleporting and the percentages of fuel are the 'problem'. I have since posting the question rerouted the truck, and no longer have the problem.

This is more of a bug then a question, do I still mark it an 'answered'?
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From the distance you can surely see it "teleporting" but it might be just visual, I mean, the moving object is not rendered, showing it traveling the whole path unless it is within X meters from the character; this doesn't mean it actually appears and disappears in the spotted locations. This is a mechanic that should be explained by the devs themselves, which could stick in place as well as changed/modified in the future.
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