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My name is Gwen Huysmans , i have a request for a possible to add some kind of parts counter for the parts you wanna make in place of clicks for how many parts you wanna make

i really enjoy playing the game you have created but some thing ar hard without this option

example ( i need 300 motors , now i have to click 300 times ) maybe add a box where you can type 300 an you do not have to click 300 times
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This has been suggested in the past and the usual response was "that goes against the grain of automating things".

I'm inclined to agree with that response.
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If you combine the todo list with persona inventory management (only have parts to produce the number you want), you can just place something on the spacebar and click zero times. Go get a snack, some water, etc.
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nodnod, you dont have to click 300 times so much as holding the space bar down.  When I have long crafting queues i just hold down space while reading a book lol

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