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When a train sets the switches for its trip, it may cut another train in half if that train is in the process of passing through the switch. Even more "fun", the severed train will still have some sort of connection. I've tried to move a severed locomotive, and the disconnected cars on the other track started moving too, and now I had them moving together with about four train car lengths between them. No other way to fix it than removing the train and building it again.

Either let the trains just go each their merry way (without destroying each other), or allow us to build signals. This has been a pain for quite some time. I prefer to build rail systems, where multiple trains share the same rails. I'm wondering why else we might need switches...
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Please search before posting a "new" question.
This has been reported many times since the trains were introduced, with various "solutions" suggested.

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Thanks. Strange that I didn't see it among the suggestions when I wrote the question.

Is there somewhere where I can see which fixes/changes/new things are planned for when? While there are many bugs in the game still, this is the most annoying for me.
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Seems to be more of a chat thread than a schedule though
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