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Is it logical that an electrical furnace (the smelter) is smoking ?

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Well yes, and no.

Not as bad as it smokes in game imo.

But real smelting creates a lot of heat, and a lot of vapors (sorta smoky) . so its def worth the graohical. Looks nice in game.
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Yes, because the stuff that is smelted becomes molten, which heats up the things around it and that makes smoke, also the molten liquid becomes ingots which is a quick change in temperature - that also causes smoke
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I suppose! Even being electrical, the furnace/smelter heats the metal to really high temperatures in order to purify it and mold it into an ingot. That process exhales smoke, as part of the exothermical interaction between the heat and the metal... Well, as long as I know.
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According to some video, it's supposed to do white smoke or little black smoke when it burns other things than pure iron.. soooo x) I mean, it look good in the game, so I just want it to be logical ;)
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Well, we would start to get pretty technical in here, but various things burn or are consumed in this process, like oxygen (that are inside the smelter, and generates black smoke), the other minerals that are sedimented on the iron chunk (when you mine iron mannually you can see the text saying it is inpure), as well as the own smelter interior, which can be made from various materials.
All this can generate smoke from different colors, but I get where you are going and I like the logic, I just don't know if this amount of thinking about that is worth haha
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Probably not worth at all for this awesome game lol x)
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I was wondered too about the smoke.

And why can we smelt Ore on the workbench? Without Smoke and much faster :)
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That I think is a great question! You should definetly post as a suggestion, to separate those things from the workbench.
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