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When setting up a bunch of constructors or assemblers, you'll have to configure them with a certain recipe but it gets to be a bit daunting if you don't know where you left off sometimes.

So I was thinking that if we could see what recipe is currently selected or not, by just approaching the assembler or constructor without having to open up the configuration on that building. This would be a time saver.

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I'd suggest changing the text "Press [E] to configure Assembler" in the right hand image to "Press [E] to reconfigure Assembler".

Also, this would be appropriate for all other machines where a recipe is in force.
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This feature to work would have to change the basic interaction with the Object : instead of reading the reference once you click on the Activator (machine) it should respond by pointing with the mouse. This would need to set in place a 2 step activation as core mechanic of interaction with that specific type of Activators (machinery).
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A very similar feature to this would be the dismantle mode as a good example. Dismantle will instantly show you the content and material used to build a building or item before dismantling them. The current interaction with buildings is very similar but has very limited range required before you can interact with the buildings configurator.

So I can't see it being that hard to do the same with buildings to indicate what recipe that is currently being used.
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Yep, dismantle reads a different array however the interactive function is that one indeed. Should be created an additional array storing selected recipe data... Possible, guess it all depends on how much time consuming this means in practice.
Is has been also asked something like "assign recipe" before build, or some copy/paste build features; if these have a chance to see the light guess what is asked here steps in automatically.
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