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Certain actions (like Close Menu or Pet Doggo) are hardbinded to key "E".

I have changed bindings for "Use" action to a different button (mouse thumb button in my case), but closing menus and petting doggos (probably some other actions aswell) still use button "E".

It's not very convenient for ESDF users like me.

Pls fix.
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You just have to upvote if you have the same problem, not post it again and again. As you can read here on the right side, I quote "Please use the search function before posting a new question and upvote existing ones to bring more attention to them, It will help us a lot"
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Sorry if you didn't see it, but I did answer this question: https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/30286/button-for-pet-is-hard-coded-as-e-not-as-interact
I also use ESDF, the bindings do switch, it's just the text boxes are hard-coded to say E rather than use the key that you have assigned to it
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It doesnt work. Even if it worked, button E already has another action assigned. That's the problem.
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I'll try to explain better. I don't claim that the E button works as the dialog boxes say it should, I claim that the button you've bound to `Interact` functions as it should. I use esdf, and have interact bound to R. I have successfully navigated menus and pet doggos using R.

Where the confusion arises (and why this question comes up so often) is because the dialog boxes are written to say 'E' every time, even when the key bound to the action is something different. This doesn't mean that that action requires you to press E to use it, rather, that CSS needs to update their dialog boxes to reflect binding updates.
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I have it bound to thumb button and it doesnt work. I can only close menus with E (which is also used for moving forward). I will recheck again interaction with doggos though.
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