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Would love to know what the goal/logic/AI for trains will eventually be.  It seems that in experimental, trains can no longer reach a station and turn around on the same track with a second engine pointed in the opposite direction--is this a permanent change or a temporary fix?  I/we would love to know what the goal for trains is, your patch notes mentioned collision detection, so I assume we will only be able to build loops and one-way tracks from now on?  Don't know if we should wait for another patch or start laying new track and stations!
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I came here looking for this same problem and hoping to find an answer. I use a mix of both types of trains, so it took a minute to realize what was going on. The trains that were dual-headed where built that way due to space constraints. I would have to redesign a significant portion of my rail lines to introduce loops.

I'm assuming this is our problem.

"Bugfix, only one AI per train, fixes the edge case where 2 AI's would try to drive the same train."

I'm testing various workarounds, but it's looking like loops are the only solution. If that's the case, I might as well just wait for the December update and start over given the amount of time it's going to take me to fix this.

Hopefully we get some feedback soon.
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Hi same here, I thought it was really simple, build two train stations, one at each end, add locomotives in both directions around freight cars and voilĂ , I had a back and forth train cargo bringing me resources from far away.
I was reluctant to go trains, since I used belts a lot, then I built 4 big train lines like this haha.
So, what are we supposed to do ? A huge loop all around the world, like in a child's room ?
Most trains I see go back and forth on their tracks :)
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I attempted some testing on this and I found that on my test setup which had a small loop and some stations with pairs of station platforms facing the opposite directions, the docking would always break if the train had two engines no matter if they were facing the same direction or not, i.e. when a train with multiple engines docked a station while also the extra engine was on a station platform, the train would break. They were left in docking mode indefinitely and you could not deconstruct the train nor the platform.

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This is a bug introduced in the latest patch to experimental, I'll be looking into a fix so we can patch this and some other issues as soon as possible.
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This bug is fixed internally now and we're working on getting a patch out.
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Pretty quick indeed. Good job.
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Thanks! Looking forward to the next patch.
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