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Im most likely not alone regarding this (From what i can read difference places).

I really love this game, can go on for hours building, getting new ideas, new ways of doing things etc. etc. Im playing the game as ment to meaning i have trains, i have conveyers, machines, storage etc. etc.

My main problem is ... performance

Im around ~392h of gameplay. No way near done with this game yet - and am i?
My FPS is getting lower and lower - as for now its around ~20fps if im lucky with lag spikes here and there. Regarding the lag spikes (everthing freezes for 20s and the continues), i first thought it was my CPU/GPU getting to hot and perhaps throttled down but thats not the issue.

Ive tried encasing most of my factorys and it had a little performance boost and yes i can delete all my trains and i have a new minor performance boost but... hey... thats not a solution?!? I know its the in-game stuff that "creates" the fps to drop etc. and therefor i just urge the dev team to get a look at this instead of introducing more and more stuff... they end up having a game that cant be played long term cause of performance :)

Im really urging the dev team to get a permant fix on this otherwise i fear when they go final release (and not early access). 

My hardware is not the "newest" but not the worst.

Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ Quad Core Processor @ around 3.3Ghz
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 980M 4 GB
Windows 10
500Gb Samsung Evo NVMe
1Tb Samsung Evo NVMe

Latets Windows patches and Nvdia drivers

When i start the game over i have a lot of FPS, way past 150+

...i just urge you dev's to fix it :)

(Guessing im not the only one?)

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Its a building game. Its not a matter of if we get performance lose, but when.

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This is probably down to what and how you're building and how much of it. You're likely building large excessive factories well above what's necessary to get the things accomplished in-game.

I have over 400h in-game. I have enough machinery in-game to automate every possible part needed in-game. In my game my FPS is the same constant 80 FPS as when I first started the game.
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Maybe you don't have the same computer (processing power).
You can not compare things like that and not acknowledge the fact that the most important thing is what hardware do you have compared to him.
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Or people can just learn to build efficiently in their factory designs. I have loaded some saves from other people in the forums and seen even my computer tank down to 20-25 FPS in huge mega factories. There's no need for all that bloat that drags down a good computer for nothing.
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