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Currently once everything is unlocked their is no purpose to the game besides just building a bigger factory to put more items into storage containers faster and factories come to a grinding halt and i end up quitting and restarting my factory because it is boring. It would be awesome if the game could make the space elevator once everything that is currently available is unlocked allow an infinite flow of resources into it to make a simple counter go up as you hit a "requirement" it can be something super static and just show how fast it goes up per minute. That simple thing will make factories feel alive as they continiously produce items and flow into the space elevator and give a sense of purpose and reason to make a bigger factory until we have proper late game. (similar to what Factorio did). Otherwise players like myself will just be trying to make it to late game as fast as possible or just simply not play till a purpose / goal in the game to try and achieve becomes available in an update.
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Welcome to the large club of players wanting some version of this.
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Satisfactory release date : March 19, 2019
Current date : September 27, 2019
People still jump in head first assuming they have original thoughts about anything. Quite arrogant indeed. Read the blue box here on the right side of your screen, there you'll find valuable info and guidelines. Don't get me wrong, I'm not being grumpy here, just stating facts.
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