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Currently we have one big cargoroom in vehicles like the Sugarcube, the Explorer, Truck or Trains. Remote miners and small factories will never produce enough to fill that up, so why not using it for other stuff?

Setting contingents for how many item slots will be used for a resource or item would be efficent and effective. You could run one automated Explorer or Truck for a bunch of Truckstations, filling the cargoroom partly with a fixed amount for resourses or items, no matter how much of it is in the Truckstation.

Combined with smartsplitters you will gain more control over the goods that are 'running around' in your factory, and more control ends in being more effective sooner or later.

What do you think?
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Well, I managed all my TruckStations to always fill up the related vehicles. Guess it all comes down to how you build/plan things. However, a while ago someone suggested a feature to "lock" inventory slots (mainly about containers in that case tho), I assume the priciple would be pretty much the same but personally haven't felt the need of it so far.
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Well I think that although this might be interesting, it may only be used in early game stages.

At a certain point in time, I decided to remove all truck stations and connect factories via belts. For longer or more complex transportation lines, the train will definitely outrun the vehicles aswell and as far as I know this already offers a way to split different cargos in every wagon attached.
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