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Whilst pacing a blueprint, the space button could be held so the player can walk around and view the positioning of the object. Perhaps then the position could be bumped forward or backwards using the delete(left), pgdown(right), home(forward), and end(backwards).
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I agree. Particularly when placing huge things like manufacturers or  power plants, you need to aim at distant point and you may not even have the point you want to have aligned in sight. Being able to place the blueprint and then nudge it by one snap step in each direction while checking where its various parts go would be great.

My workaround is to place some other machines such as splitters around. Then I know that I want to go one step to the left from "encroaching" with one splitter and I want it just touching the other splitter. But it gets pretty annoying because you need to build and then dismantle multiple machines to get one aligned.

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You have unlimited time and receiving all resources from dismantling.

You can place and then dismantle items unlimited time.

There is no need to make this game in to copy paste !
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WOW!!! ok Thanks for the help and straitening that out for us...
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Ok, I didn't know that the game was supposed to be a aim training and a "grow eyes behind your head you dummy" all in one.

I don't even know where you are seeing copy/pasting in that feature.

The current building placement is horrendous. I don't see why you shouldn't be able to have an alternate way of building, which could be as described above. Right now the system feels not well though out, and very generic (like the choices that were made were more about sticking to the commun thing rather than focusing on the unique problems offered by the game buildings)
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