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Satisfactory-calculator: Such a beautiful tool! But: Why not directly in the game? The card in the game is so bad. The player can travel in space according to history, we can build factories and space lifts. So it's a highly developed civilization. Who is not able to draw on a map scanned or discovered points (if scanned maybe inaccurate, if discovered exactly) and own buildings?
This is only an artificial difficulty increase. Which personally only annoys me. Does it really have to be that I always have to have another app open for an accurate map, or that I have to make production calculations by hand on a notepad?
The interactive map and the whole calculator simply belong in the game!  With the option (difficulty) to display only a) recognized things and parts b) only in the area of the radar towers, or c) everything.
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In a place next to the M.A.M they should place it like a little computer with a keyboard and mouse but the computer is like a xbox
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