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I'm having a problem with automated trains getting to the end of the station and not being able to find the stopping point.  They get towards the end, stop, roll back, get far enough away that they start driving again, and go through the same process.  This ends up with the lead locomotive rolling back and forth slightly but never actually reaching the station and therefor neither receiving nor delivering needed materials.
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Hi, is your station placed right after an uphill grade? Would you mind sending us your save so we can investigate this issue further? I'll pm you the details.

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If you have multiple locomotives you have to have a station for each one to stop at.
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Are you inferring that two different trains cannot use the same station?
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I've had five different trains going to one station before without trouble.  The train at this station just doesn't make it to the end of it.
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I meant exactly what I said. If you have a train with 5 locomotives, then you have to have 5 stations for them.

Is there some chance this train has more or less locomotives than the other trains? If your others are working fine then there has to be something different about this one.
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I have two locomotives on all of my trains.  I have nine stations.
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In what way would a difference in stations affect a train not reaching the end of a station?
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If you had for example: 5 locomotives but only 4 stations together then it wouldn't be able to reach the end and it would either miss the station entirely or go back and forth trying to find a compatible place to stop at.
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