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I was able to play Friday evening, but ever since then I've been having this weird error come up: 

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I had the same issue however when I went to verify the files I received (Epic Launcher) error IS-MF01-5-5 (files in use), even after restarting/shutting everything down.

I reinstalled my Avast Antivirus as it's the only thing I could think of that'd be doing anything to anything.
(Avast for some reason was broken & unresponsive so I just cleared it and reinstalled)

Just launched Satisfactory, and it's runnin well!
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I just bought the game and it wont start. Ive already tried verify files and it checks out but the game still wont start. It says running and even in task manager It shows up but Its not doing anything.
Core i76820hk not overclocked
gtx 1080 newest drivers
windows 10 home current update
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I had some trouble as well, have you tried restarting satisfactory? (Killing it in task manager, then re launching it through the epic launcher/shortcut)
If that doesn't work, maybe restarting the computer itself--something could be hung up.
All in all, my antivirus software was preventing it from running, if nothing else works then check that out.
 Look in the virus chest, some antivirus softwares are picking up files from the game and classifying them as dangerous/viruses.

If that doesn't work, a more qualified individual will have to help.

Hope it works!
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I've tried all your suggestions except the antivirus, I'll check into that and let you know

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I had the same issue. Fixed it by verifying the game files: launcher -> gear icon next to "launch" -> verify
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For anyone wondering how to just go to the library in the epic games luancher
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I found that when using Avast, they block away a piece of the startup code in the "Virus Chest". 

1. Right click Avast logo in the hidden icons tab near the time and/or WIFI symbol

2. Click "Virus Chest"

3. Check the box on the left of the FactoryGame code 

4. Click the dots at the bottom and click "Remove and Make Exception"

Worked perfectly for me afterwards and maybe it'll work if you do the same with other antivirus


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