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A way of obtaining power faster early game or more ways of obtaining power in general like solar power hydro power wind power early game and late game nuclear power or fusion power
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If you're referring simply to bio based fuels, you'll find that mid tier alternative sources open up, and there are numerous indicators around the map that late tiers will offer even more diversity (nuclear style). I think early game actually provides some pretty good power options. Spent a little time and nearly automated the making of biofuel. Have much more than I know what to do with.
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I'm referring to an alternative to biomass like solar would make less power but it's just enough so that your not out collecting leaves and wood all the time and I know that theres nuclear in the later tiers but they are locked in the alpha weekend and I am using the coal generators I'd like something for early game besides the biomass generator
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I'd think simply being able to automate biomass with farms would be fine. Mycelium farms would make a lot of sense, and afaik this requires some fertilizer which could be produced by capturing/domesticating the huge walkers and/or the fluffy-tailed hogs. Or maybe just tree farms.
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It really is. This is basically what I've done. Obviously you have to gather leaves and wood by hand, but I've got two storage containers I can dump each into, those go to constructors making biomass which then funnel into a constructor making biofuel. I'm currently sitting on over 3400 biofuel without much effort on my part really. Doesn't take that much resource. I would like to add one more to the group for the Alien Carapace. Each of those is worth 100 biomass itself.
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That's exactly what I have I've just stopped using biomass and converted to coal

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like wind turbines or something or points of heat in the ground to create a Geothermal Plant

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This would be great
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