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I just spent around ten hours playing this game. Building, automating, exploring and designing.

After around an hour or two I finished the HUB, but I can't progress any further. I think my game is stuck.

Here are some screenshots of the HUB menu: https://imgur.com/a/xUfwbRj

Some more details:
-The fly thing from space is sitting on my roof.
-I built the Space Elevator, but I haven't put any resources in it yet.
-I have researched everything I could in the MAM.
-I found two talking objects and took them with me. They don't appear scannable or usable.

If more screenshots or some log files are needed, just ask and I'll send them.

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Having exactly the same situation since sunday morning (so, before the alpha weekend ends).

I've finished the HUB (5th upgrade), have 3 factory chains fully automated and built the space elevator. But my hub still doesn't give me access to TIER 1 (it says : finish the HUB...). I think my hub is finished !

What am I missing ?
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Nothing. its propperly a bugs, because after i finished my 5th upgrade it unlocked 1. tier. Maybe World bugged :/ Create a new one savegame maybe.
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The same situation on the third biome. Hub finished, but still have the message « finish the hub »

I can’t use the space elevator (i built it), i don’t know the rotor receipe
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I'm having the same situation :/ ... did you resolve the situation ?

I've created a new party in second biome ...
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I have the same situation. I can't progress in the hub. Im in the second stage
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