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See title, says it all. Constructor IS running at 100%, as input products are constantly over what is needed, and output is not limited. But efficiency states 1%. Probably the zero's fall away, or misuse of float, integer, etc (hey, no programmer, just know tiny bit)
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Can confirm that
if you build that the bug occurs 100% of the time.


smelters and assembler are on 100% and constructors are at 67%
its l itterly 100% "efficient" as the endproduct produces 5 reinforced iron plates per minute.
But like all buildings have an efficiency swap between 0 and 1 %

Seems to sorted out itself it now shows a nearly correct efficiency of 98% still swaps between 0 and 98 but at least is shows it even it should be 100% XD
donĀ“t know if the storage container that i connected to the last production building solved the issue or it was something else.

Edit 2:
Scratch Edit 1 started to happen again on a new production chain

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I'm getting the same issue + it would appear that when you leave the grid and come back this also leads to less items being produced despite it actually being at 100%

When I reload the game it is also at 100% and as long as I stare at it it stays like that.

If I leave and come back it goes to 1% - on pretty much all my assembler lines... which are only 2 right now for the reinforced plates and rotors but it's a real pain as I need those items to get higher up the tech route
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Same issue here. It is confusing. Alsof miners working with no constricted convayers show 1% but not always.
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I saw somewhere this happens because efficency applies to the total time since the machine was constructed.

Thus, if it was idle (because of missing input or output full), efficiency decrease down to 0%. Then you fix the line and it shows 1% despite the machine working actively all the time.

But it's because it was doing nothing most of the time. If you delete / reconstruct the machine it shows 100%.

I agree it's anoying. I'd rather see the efficency for the last 10/20min or even less in fact ?

Extra tip: you can reduce the clockspeed of any production machine to match perfectly the desired output and keep at >99% efficency
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