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after days of playing i try to load my game on experimental mode today, but i stuck on: " Creating Online Seesion" 15 min waiting no help, reinstall game noi help, disable sending game files also don't helped. I also couldn't load any of my save files. I also cant't start a new game. I also tried the CPU cores workaround, but nothing helped. I also got no alert from firewall or router, so all seems fine.

I got stucked everytime at this point:

"[2019.10.02-08.39.10:213][486]LogOnlineIdentity: OSS: FOnlineIdentityMcp::HandleXmppConnectionRemoved
[2019.10.02-08.39.10:213][486]LogOnline: OSS: New XMPP connection configured to Server=[wss://xmpp-service-prod.ol.epicgames.com] Port=[443]
[2019.10.02-08.39.10:213][486]LogOnlineIdentity: OSS: FOnlineIdentityMcp::HandleXmppConnectionCreated
[2019.10.02-08.39.31:004][491]LogInit: WinSock: I am Unknown ("

Any hint?

closed with the note: Solved, servers back Online.

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Solved, servers back Online.
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Can't hlep but notice that this service failure came less than a day after many fans, supporters, and even devs of this game were gloating about another game launcher service having issues.
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