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When placing rails I got this weird behaviour. Look at how it keeps adjusting the rail even when holding the mouse still. To me this looks like a bug:

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Which version of the game is this? (Experimental, Early Access, also which CL number? (Number at the top left, CL#103400 for Early Access right now, for example.)

Did this happen in multiplayer or single player?
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Experimental. I took the video on October 1st 13:34 (Europe/Berlin timezone). Whatever was on EPIC that moment is what I was running. I strongly suspect it was "Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.2.1.15 - Build 106027".
Also single player.

Amazing how I managed to film everything BUT that part of the screen where it showed the version.
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For completeness sake: I tried starting this very version of SF to give you the actual CL# number but since I have auto updates turned on EPIC tried to update it and despite me telling it not to once it had set its mind to it it wouldn't let me start the game without updating it.
Same effect launching the .exe directly. It just went straight into the EPIC launcher.

This being said, the version information I posted above was taken from Birk's patch notes on Discord and I am sure that were the last ones when I launched the game then. Also it matches the date since the most recent patch got published just on October the 2nd, so one day after I took the video.
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Thanks a lot for this extra information!
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The bug still occurs in the current experimental version. This folder contains a new video and a matching save file and this time I made sure the CL# is visible. And a link back to this Q&A thread:

Note: I'll keep it online until at least 2019-11-01 after which I may delete it because space.

Have fun!
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That looks more to me like there's an algorithm working its a** off trying desperately to find a path for your rail (but eventually failing).
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