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Would be a nice QoL improvement to just be able to hold in the interaction button (E default) to keep picking up any leaves, wood, berries etc you mouse over instead of having to mash it furiously.

EDIT: This got a lot bigger than I thought it would. Just an hour or two after posting this I no longer wanted this change, the chainsaw really does the work for you and then coal comes into the picture.

Some people have suggested an accessibility option due to RSI or reduced function in the hands, which would of course be good (accessibility is always something to strive for, and this doesn’t really affect gameplay). But for my own part, I honestly don’t care about this “feature request” or the discussions within it.

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I'm doing some pruning of this thread.
There has been some heated feelings flying around.

If you feel I've wrongfully removed your comment, PM me and I'll look into that.
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I agree with just holding E it saves your hand and your mouse.
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Just need to make sure not to fall into the 7d2d fault where the netcode doesnt cap the total amount of requests per second.  Caused servers to crash when a single person was harvesting a single 8x8 crop.  -.-
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I support the idea of being able to pickup leaves, wood, berries with just holding down the button.
Yes you can just use the chainsaw, but there are several situations where you either don't have the chainsaw yet, is out of fuel or don't have it on you at the time.

ADDITIONALLY it would be VERY useful to being able to pickup items from a conveyor belt by just holding down the button. For this you cannot use the chainsaw lol.
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The Conveyor belt is the main reason I want this feature

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Or, add the Lawn mower

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That's probably redundant with the chainsaw / how vehicles trample bushes & small trees out of existence.
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kinda, yes, but you still have to hold the chainsaw down for its full cycle. It will pick up all things in a radius, which is cool though.
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I want a lawnmower for comedic value and to harvest raw material for biomass. Doesn't have to be a tree destroying machine but it can certainly cut the grass which I support. Maybe like a combine harvester but put a ficsit spin on it.
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I agree however, that it would be VERY nice, as a convenience ... if you hit "E" while aimed at a leaf and continue to hold "E" .. that you can continue to pick successive leaves.  As someone who has carpal tunnel, it actually "hurts" to pick leaves, as it requires so much mashing of the "E" button.   Just a "Quality of Life" issue I think.  But it would be nice
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QoL for you would be a programmable keyboard. You just set up a special key to toggle the behavior of holding down or mashing a standard button, such as E.
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I use the Logitech G600 mouse for this and other things. While I hold down the G9 thumb button, I've programmed it to repeatedly hit the E button.
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You can use chainsaw to gather an area with leafs, trees, mushrooms, etc.
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So do I, AVAGAX!
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is there a way to automate fuel production or you have to keep collecting leaves and wood? maybe later in the game there is oil and rafineries or sth?
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I just got coal, haven’t had time to deploy it yet. I had five biomass burners, could have gotten there on four if i wanted to optimize power usage a bit.
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Can't automate collecting leaves & wood, but yes there's coal later you can automate
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there is "Fuel" (it's oil-based like diesel or petrol)
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just rebind to scrollwhell
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