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This was discovered by accident when I ran out of material to build a mk4 conveyer lift. So I decided to use some steel beams instead to build a mk3 conveyor lift to finish the connection but when I tried to connect them, it wouldn't connect. To my surprise, I noticed that the existing conveyor lift was lightly flickering, I wasn't certain what that meant until I clicked on it and all of a sudden it downgraded to a mk3 conveyor lift.

I've must have missed this in the patch notes because I usually dismantle lifts to upgrade them to the new versions. The light flickering on the lifts isn't that noticeable compared to the light blue that's on conveyor belts when upgrading them.

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Conveyors have always, at least since the public release, been upgradable or downgradable by selecting the different conveyor
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Well it wasn't that noticeable like the conveyor belts are.
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Conveyor lift upgrades are not obvious, most noticable sign is that you don't see the red outline of a lift you can't place.

Regarding your initial problem, maybe it has something to do with this one?
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