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Okay... So i have a "sorting system" on my save. It is programmable splitters that are putting one item to left and then in to a storage container. All other items is just going to the center thing and one other item to the left again... I think you understand.

But the problem is that, when a storage container is full EVERYTHING is just stopping because it can't go in to the left. I have been searching around super much but I can't find a resolution. Is it even possible? If anyone have a good design, please tell me.

It is maby a stupid question but i just want it to work!
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Just to add to the discussion, here's a working (though bulky) design. If the storage (bottom belt) isn't full, about 1% of the input is sent through the overflow belt (upper belt). When the storage is blocked, naturally everything gets routed over the overflow belt.

You can then either merge these overflow to a separate belt (probably better idea) or merge them back to the main feed. And of course you can make it more "selective" by adding more splitter/merger columns as you wish.

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Okay... I'll try that tomorrow or something :)
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@AntonErlandsson:  Yes, with the version I described you'll get just over a third going back to the "main bus".  It is, however, relatively compact.
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@Kelsey Thornton actually your design sends half to the storage and half back to the main belt. The third that gets routed back before its smart splitter is just "delayed" and does not affect the ratio. But I agree it's compact.
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Yes of course, you're right...

I think the moral of this is "Don't put everything on one belt" :)
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