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all of my save files are where they are supposed to be, however i can only load them on the experimental game, not the early access game.  Just wondering if this is a bug of if this is how it is supposed to be right now
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You should always read the patch notes before experimenting with experimental builds of ANY game. They warned us, several times.
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I understand and read the patch notes before i did anything.  i backed up all my saves.  thats why i still have them in the experimental build.  All i was asking was was this how it was supposed to work out.  What i did not ask for was to be answered like i was an incompetent child deserving of a reprimand, thank you.  a little kindness goes a long way.
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Perhaps you missed this part

Cloud Saves are a thing now, but for those to work we have to compress and move your save files. You can read all about it on our blog and/or watch the video we made on the topic:


*disclaimer* I am not employed by, or in any way associated with CSS. I am a gamer, who is tired of seeing a dozen people a day that dont read and understand patch notes before they load up an unstable/experimental version of a game. You, sir, clearly did not.
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again, there is no need to hound fellow players.  if you do not like the questions that they are asking, ignore them and move on.  if you like the game and the company that makes it, throwing negativity at other players does not help them.  you may be driving potential sales away. take a deep breath and just chill.  life is too short to let stuff like this upset you. maybe in the future you should answer questions as if you worked for them.  if they had treated me like you did i would have done my best to throw negative reviews and tell one and all not to support that company.  good thing you don't truly represent them.  but in case you are wondering, i hold no grudge and will have forgotten you in the next 15 mins.  have a nice life and feel free to forgo answering anymore of my questions, i need less trolls in my life
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I don't know why people aren't just simple and straight to the point.

The simple explanation is this: Currently right now, saves from experimental are currently not compatible with the normal version of the game.
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thanks a bunch!  thats all i was wondering about
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