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I'd like to have Blade Runners Mk. II that have this core feature (other features that have been asked for by others which I would like to have as well at the bottom):

  • abillity to climb anything - maybe with a rechargable "fuel bar" so that climbing mountains still requires some "resting time" and planning

It could be an insectoid or arachnid exoskeleton with six or eight legs. Maybe throw in research from the spiders to unlock it.

As taken from my gaming impression of Zelda - Breath of the Wild, it is a very strong and rewarding experience of freedom to be able to climb anything. This also creates a more "touchable" feel for the environment, which would improve on the exploring part of the game. Also getting around in your base would be fun, when you just climb onto / over the lines of constructors etc. or get up walls in an easy and techy fashion.

Suggestions for improved Blade Runners that have been asked for by others, too:

  • faster running
  • longer jumps
  • increased falling damage mitigation
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Already asked, multiple times. On the right side of the forum in white lettering on dark navy blue background:
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My main emphasis was on the last point - the climb-anything-ability. I edited the post accordingly. Thanks for the reminder, but I actually tried to find what I had in mind prior to posting and read for example the post that you linked as the third. But this is an entirely different suggestion than mine. The second link does not have a cross section other than "faster running" and the first post is the same as it is asking just for Blade Runners Mk. II that do what the Mk. I do, just higher, faster again. I get that there are overlaps with people asking for faster running and higher jumping as well as less falling damage, but that's just an obvious improvement to a potential "Mk. II" so I did not want to leave it out.
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The first three pages of searching for "Upgrading the blade runners to add additional functionality" just deliver faster running, higher jumping and less falling damage. So just because people asked for things that I support as well, I can't ask for something new and original in the same post? Couldn't find anyone asking for climbing runners.
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Your post is fine but it might have been better as a comment in someone elses post to add that functionality.  The point of posting in here is to add ideas for the GMs to play with so keep up the imagination and share your ideas.
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