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When combined with freight platform, the roof on the freight platform's side is at almost the same height as the station's power attachment point and when I try to connect it to a power pole that's beside the freight platform rather than in the 90 degree angle left by the station and the roof, the cable clips through the roof of the freight platform even if I use the highest available power pole.

It does not break the game. A lot of people probably don't even care if the cable clips through something. But for some it's just not satisfactory. The station is very high building, it can have its power attachment point high enough to allow clearing obstacles that can be expected to frequently appear nearby.

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Move the power pole over to the next foundation on the right and it wouldn't clip through. You placed it in the wrong place and you made it clip through.
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My point is highlighting interaction between two buildings that are typically placed next to each other and the way how this interaction unnecessarily limits design options for players.
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I guess, Power Walls shall make the difference.
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I would like to see it on the end of the building the arrows point to, and directly over the rails. That way power could go either way, depending on how the rails and factories are oriented, and not clip into the buildings, trains, anything else (except for rare circumstances)
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Or you know.. just place the power pole on a foundation that's higher or at the far end.. it's not hard to just do it yourself so it doesn't clip through things. Then the developers won't have to waste time on trivial little things like this and they can focus on things that really matter. Like dedicated servers.
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