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When I started playing the game I didn't realize belts had a direction and this led to a great deal of confusion a few hours in. Other Twitch streamers I've watched went through the exact same thing.

I wasn't aware of having specified a direction when placing belts, so I assumed buildings "pulled" the items they needed (and that they would pull only the items they needed from a container holding multiple item types - which also turned out to be false).

First I'd suggest adding something to address this to the early game tutorial tasks, so the player can't fail to notice this fact.

Second, it's just not visually obvious enough what the direction of a belt of building is, or when they are misaligned. I can't tell you how often I have built a storage container the wrong way round then been like "hunh?" when it wouldn't connect. I'd suggest animating chevrons when objects are being placed so it's super super obvious which direction items will flow along belts and through buildings. When you point a belt at a building and the two directions "collide", the chevrons should go red and stop moving.
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I agree. Arrows drawn when placing things are great but pictographs used on inputs/outputs themselves are very stylized and not obvious enough, it took me very long time to make sense of them too. Either replacing them with classic triangles (boring, unoriginal but effective) or providing some lead-in/guide for new players (e.g. in the codex) would be really nice.

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Are you colorblind !?

You get clear indication witch access is in and out !

Also placing belts and dragging them will display arrow on top of it in witch direction that belt is going to be.
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I concur with this. It's very obvious how belts work right now. I figured it out within the first hour of gameplay with no issues. If you can't see the belt arrows then you're either colorblind or just can't see or both.
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I agree, in retrospect it's clear. Yet I didn't notice for a long time and I saw others on Twitch with the same experience.

I think it's because there was a lot of other stuff to focus on in the early game - and once something's been in front of you for long enough you stop seeing it altogether :)
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@kamrkopl Regarding your remarks on color perception, I wonder which color do you think is used to denote an output. Because I fail to see a consistent pattern.

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You don't even need colors. All of them are pointing > to the right as output. The other direction is < Input. The colors on machines change due to the status of the machine. Just like the light standing up on the light pole above the machine. We're talking about the color of the arrows on the ends of conveyor belts by the way, not the color of the output on machines.
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In general I think it's easy to tell the inputs and outputs on buildings.  The game draws brightly colored arrows at the inputs and outputs when you are placing buildings and the inputs are always orange and the outputs always green.  I don't know how you could possibly not see them.  Also when you place an input/output in line with another input/output it draws a green line between them.  

Now where I sometimes get frustrated is putting down a conveyor lift.  Sometimes it's easier to put the lift down before the belts and you want to start at one end but that makes the lift run in the opposite direction you want it to go.  It would be nice if an existing belt or lift that isn't attached to any input or output just wouldn't have a direction set until you connect it to something, or would just reverse itself if needed.
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Early game I didn't notice for a long time, and the same thing happened with several twitch streamers I was watching.

I still mess up the directions in two common scenarios: when placing things far away from me, or when placing things right in front of me (so the orange and green arrows are on top of each other in screen space).

Automatically flipping belt/lift direction once connected to an input or output is a good idea. There's a suggestion for this elsewhere.
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