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Would it be possible to add a "last x(*) used" tab to the builder menu.  Adding this function in addition to the hot key bar would give us quicker access to the items, which are currently being used for large scale construction.  Saving time on updating our slots each time we want to change build focus.

* Where x could be last 10 items used.

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I think the reason why they added the search function in the build menu was to make all buildings more accessible. Another tab with more stuff would just make it too busy imo.
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Various possible ways to implement it, but for sure some how they should add some way to access last or last few building constructed. Maybe also a dropper type tool to build more of a machine that is in front of us. Yes need to be careful about keeping the UI uncluttered, but I do hope they start to work on a lot of these kind of quality of life type upgrades.
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